Claim Expiration for 1.10 Servers (On Hold)

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted May 4, 17

Edit: Due to the way this version of GP Expires claims, I am pushing this back and actively developing a seperate way that can further be used to regenerate the old region files. 

We are now able to start expiring old claims. This is a 1 week notice to allow players to sign onto the various 1.10 servers and re-up their claims so they do not expire. 

I will be enabling this next Thursday. 

Samah vipsvip SVIP claims still don't expire though, right?
CodedSoul sounds good to me, just joined which means bases with stuff will be raidable :p or are you going to rollback what they&#...

25000 Members

devryb OP posted May 2, 17

Congrats to Dickey007 for being our 25000th registered member!

Some points have been added to your account

xxgrin1xx Amazing statistics
dropstone vip Amazing statistics there - its amazing how fast the community is growing over the last few months. Well done staff, and ...
conibek2008 vipsvip Congrats Devryb and all of the Staff! You have kept the community non toxic and provided unending support and a great se...

Skyfactory East Closing

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Apr 28, 17

Due to low player count, the Skyfactory East (SFE) server will be closed in 1 week (May 6th). Skyfactory West (SFW) will remain open and will be renamed to SF and ip changed to match after the east server closes.

This week is to allow players to move their items using BetterRelocation (Info Here) as well as moving money to the alternate server using /ggive.

We also refund purchases made with points from donations only here for certain things and perks that can't be moved.

Darkman_Bree vip Sad, It was my main server, but yeah... I moved already to SF-W... Just please... Never get rid of SF-W, I really disl...

Are YOU ready To Help DeVco?

Prizzianna Senior-Admino posted Apr 18, 17

We are searching for players that are interested in Helping other players enjoy their time at DeVco. If you are one of those players that feel comfortable with the various mods and enjoy helping others understand how they work or understand how DeVco works, We are interested in you!

We are currently hiring Helpers. If you pass your application you can expect a few server perks, working with a great team of staff, and have a cool tag :) 

Just so you fully understand our expectations for Staff:

1. In-Game at least 8 hours per week

2. Handle 7 to 10 tickets per week

3. Talk to the players in General Chat

4. Be willing to learn more about servers and how they run.

5. Be at least 16 years old (we expect a maturity level that understands a work environment)

6. Be comfortable talking to players and their issues.

If you meet those requirements and are interested in joining the DeVco Staff Team, please follow the link:

Look Forward to seeing you,


Senior Administrator

Sythja o Unfortunately I don't meet the reqs, and since TS is one I doubt I will even after the time played req is met. Have...
michiel144 vip If you have send the questions when do you know if you become a helper or not ?
onspeed I miss serverplay at devco so much... but there is no more any Gregtech packs and FTB Beyond still in alpha public test....

EUHP and EUDW110 Closing.

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Apr 13, 17

Due to low player counts, the following servers will be closed in 1 week (April 21st). This week is to allow players to move their items off the server using BetterRelocation (Info Here).

We purposely delayed the closing of these two EU servers to give our Developer time to finish BetterRelocation for Sponge. This allows players to move their items and builds over to the NA server. 

For any issues with BetterRelocation, please file an In-Game ticket. 

Map downloads will be available within a few days of the closure. 

As we are not closing down the modpack, we will not be offering refunds as players have a week to move all items to the NA server. 

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