Update: Due to Mechanic Breaking bugs (That worked in testing) this will be delayed for a week. 

Our new Farming Valley server is now open!

North America:

We are currently using Farming Valley verison 0.8.0

The modpack can be found on the Twitch Launcher

This pack is a mashup of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. It has very unique mechanics, as well as we are opening it with a unique world gen. 

In this pack, we make use of our Skyblock plugin, so to start, do /iscreate. 

All SVIP's can request their rank and perks using /ticket

Side note: Due to extreme lack of players, RRM has been closed. 

salamishowdown vip is the server active or no?
craytona vipo Is there anyway that we can retrieve our builds from RRM?

Top Voting Rewards

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Aug 27, 17

You all may have noticed some minor changes to the home page, including the addition of a 'Top Voters' Module.
As well as we made an addition to the hub: 

This is because, starting next month (September), we will be giving prizes to the top 3 voters each month. 

First Prize: A VIP Emerald rank for 1 server (This lasts the month)
Second Prize: Access to Always On Chunkloaders (With 27 chunks) for 1 server (This lasts the month)
Third Prize: 500 points

OZJAMD321 vipvip What about the option of choice? 1st Place (Whatever prize) or 1500 points? 2nd Place (Whatever prize) or 1000 points? 3...
thepredatorwolf let the battles for the 3rd place begin! Yep,we should lower the 3rd prize or give the first and second places a better...
OZJAMD321 vipvip What happens in the event that there is a draw for first place etc what if there are 10 people with the same amount? D...

DeVco Quality Survey

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Aug 4, 17

We are looking for ways to improve the quality of our servers so that our community can better spend their time with us. 

Please take our new quality survey. Your comments and feedback will help us better understand where we need to put extra effort in. The survey will be open for 1 week, and you may only submit one per player.

As a thank you for your time, players who complete the survey and put effort into it will receive 50 points. Completed surveys will be reviewed once submissions are closed, and then we will start sending out points.

Link to the survey -

On a side note, our staff also have their own survey that they may complete so that we can better meet their needs as well.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

DeVco Staff

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin All surveys have been responded to and points have been sent out. Thanks again for the submissions!
BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin Thank you to everyone who participated. Submissions are now closed and we will begin reviewing them. Points will be sent...
Armpi3 vipvip As a fellow player and staff member I would like to extend my gratitude for taking the time to hear my thoughts and feel...


axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Aug 1, 17

We have recently installed BetterChunkLoaders onto the 1.10 servers, get hyped! 

They basically work the exact same way as in 1.7, and in case you forgot how that worked:
Chunkloader FAQ

Note: Do not make tickets for missing chunkloader values, there is a plugin that will be automatically updating player's values when they log in. 

We will not be selling Chunkloaders in the Reward Store until next week. 

CrystallinaRose When is this coming? I still don't see it in the store.
kooljess702 Modvipvip 1.10 TPS is about to tank even more :d

Summer Build Competition

Ser_Luke Adminvip posted Jul 14, 17

Our second creative build competition has begun.

It lasts from today, the 14th July and ends Friday, 18h August at 8pm EST. The theme this time is summer. Please note builds must also be unique. Other than this there are no artistic restrictions. Impress us!

You may join the Build server with any 1.7.10 client.

To do so, use /server build, the Hub, or Our intention here is for everyone to depart temporarily from their usual modpacks and mingle as a community. If the event is successful it may motivate us to create other events in the future!

There are a few changes to be aware of, we were able to enable worldedit for everyone, which should help with large builds, please note you are not able to edit outside of your plot with world edit. We are also polling the builds in order to get more input in deciding who takes home this event's prizes.

Prizes for winning are as follows:

First: VIP-Gold, Second: VIP-Iron, Third: 300 points, Fourth: 200 points, Fifth: 100 points. Winners will be announced on the 1st of September. Prizes for teams will be split evenly between teammates. You may request that your build be concealed after it's complete if you wish.

DarkLily04 Um I know a silly question here, but you say you would post the winner as of Sept 1, and I cant find it. Also are you g...
MaxWayne72 vipvipvip Is it possible to get a map of the concent server. We spend a lot of time and effort to build some Stuff, and i never th...
MaxWayne72 vipvipvip hi. building time is over. now the plots should be rated. the documentation says: /plot rate [#|next] so how exactly ...
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