Summer Build Competition

Ser_Luke Adminvip posted Jul 14, 17

Our second creative build competition has begun.

It lasts from today, the 14th July and ends Firday, 16th August at 8pm EST. The theme this time is summer. Please note builds must also be unique. Other than this there are no artistic restrictions. Impress us!

You may join the Build server with any 1.7.10 client.

To do so, use /server build, the Hub, or Our intention here is for everyone to depart temporarily from their usual modpacks and mingle as a community. If the event is successful it may motivate us to create other events in the future!

There are a few changes to be aware of, we were able to enable worldedit for everyone, which should help with large builds, please note you are not able to edit outside of your plot with world edit. We are also polling the builds in order to get more input in deciding who takes home this event's prizes.

Prizes for winning are as follows:

First: VIP-Gold, Second: VIP-Iron, Third: 300 points, Fourth: 200 points, Fifth: 100 points. Winners will be announced on the 1st of September. Prizes for teams will be split evenly between teammates. You may request that your build be concealed after it's complete if you wish.

BrokenNail Hey guys! How do I set my plot so it is night time, all the time??
BrokenNail Me again!!! :d Every time I try to use the search bar or click the > or < tabs to choose a different mod ...
BrokenNail Really looking forward to this. But I do have a couple of noob questions. First... I made a plot claim but I have no id...


axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Jul 12, 17

This is more of a PSA post. As recent, BYD has been plagued with a rather low tps. After doing profiles on this, the main culprit is EnderIO Conduit Bundles.

Several of our other partner networks have come to this same conclusion and have started promoting the use of XNET instead of EnderIO, as it is much more server/TPS friendly. It is highly encouraged that you use this mod instead of EnderIO if it is present on your server, such as BYD and DW110. 

Below I will include a mod spotlight that demonstrates many of the features of XNET. 


Superkaze vip So is this just for cable solutions or are Ender IO machines with their auto push/pull also creating issues?

We are searching for players that are interested in Helping other players enjoy their time at DeVco. If you are one of those players that feel comfortable with the various mods and enjoy helping others understand how they work or understand how DeVco works, We are interested in you!

We are currently hiring Helpers. If you pass your application you can expect a few server perks, working with a great team of staff, and have a cool tag :) 

Just so you fully understand our expectations for Staff:

1. In-Game at least 8 hours per week

2. Handle 7 to 10 tickets per week

3. Talk to the players in General Chat

4. Be willing to learn more about servers and how they run.

5. Be at least 16 years old (we expect a maturity level that understands a work environment)

6. Be comfortable talking to players and their issues.

If you meet those requirements and are interested in joining the DeVco Staff Team, please follow the link:

Look Forward to seeing you,


Senior Administrator

AdamGraye For future reference and for clarity, these are not paid positions, server perks only as compensation- correct?
ShadowKnights16 vip can you state clearly that you cant be a staff member of any kind on any other server (even on a different modpack)? I a...
zed656 How come the staff comes and goes in a short time? Are the requirements to hard? Is it the weekly meetings that are hard...

We are now testing Stripe as a payment method for server donations, this can be done direct from credit card (No Paypal account required, for those that cannot get a Paypal account or prefer not to use one).  Just click the Stripe button when making the donation.

Please log a ticket with us if you find any issues with it.

stsony Now its more easy to donate?

Claim Expiration for 1.10 Servers (On Hold)

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted May 4, 17

Edit: Due to the way this version of GP Expires claims, I am pushing this back and actively developing a seperate way that can further be used to regenerate the old region files. 

We are now able to start expiring old claims. This is a 1 week notice to allow players to sign onto the various 1.10 servers and re-up their claims so they do not expire. 

I will be enabling this next Thursday. 

Samah vip SVIP claims still don't expire though, right?
CodedSoul sounds good to me, just joined which means bases with stuff will be raidable :p or are you going to rollback what they&#...
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