There are some issues and anyone caught raiding or violating our normal grief rules will be Banned. You all know you're not supposed to do it!

Prizzianna Senior-Admino You can claim with your shovel, it's just the way 1.12 works with GP. You need to claim larger than 10x10 and not e...
TheyCallMeKrisha vipvip is that something to do with the fact that I can't seem to claim with my shovel
Prizzianna Senior-Admino Yes 6 days ago. Here and on Twitter :)

Our first and not last 1.12.2 server Revelation is now open for play.

North America:

Current version: 1.5.0

The modpack may be found on both FTB and twitch launchers.

See the awesome spawn made by Black-Scales, MrN00dles, CVIPERB, Drenobor

Just be wary as you start out.. Many mobs are waiting for you!

spoonybinkie mine keeps saying incompatible fml modded server
Dead__Stroke vipo could use Mekanism and Thaumcraft. seems like a light load of mods. (Opinion based comment)
TheyCallMeKrisha vipvip Eh.. maybe I'll give it ago after the TPS.. settles a bit

We are searching for players that are interested in Helping other players enjoy their time at DeVco. If you are one of those players that feel comfortable with the various mods and enjoy helping others understand how they work or understand how DeVco works, We are interested in you!

We are currently hiring Helpers. If you pass your application you can expect a few server perks, working with a great team of staff, and have a cool tag :) 

Just so you fully understand our expectations for Staff:

1. In-Game at least 8 hours per week

2. Handle 7 to 10 tickets per week

3. Talk to the players in General Chat

4. Be willing to learn more about servers and how they run.

5. Be at least 16 years old (we expect a maturity level that understands a work environment)

6. Be comfortable talking to players and their issues.

7. Have played on DeVco at least 16 hours.

If you meet those requirements and are interested in joining the DeVco Staff Team, please follow the link:

Look Forward to seeing you,


Senior Administrator

Superkaze vip Well, good thing there's not a minimum voting requirement for staff.

We advise all players on our 1.10 servers to check that their things are still claimed. Some may have been unclaimed due to an issue with the plugin update.

During the next 7 days Do NOT raid ANY bases during this time and if you accidently did before this notice, be kind and try to return the items.

Players on these servers, go to your base and check it with a stick in hand. If it does not state it's claimed, Abandonclaim, then reclaim it. If your base has been raided, please log a Web Ticket with the name of your /home here:

Thank You!

EU Project Ozone 2 is now open.

axle2005 Senior-Admin posted Nov 13, 17

Due to the vast popularity of Project Ozone, we have decided to open a second server on our European node. This should help with not old TPS issues, but the ping of some of our European Players. 

Please remember our EU servers are hosted in France.

We also allow players from our NA server to move their bases over using BetterRelocation, an FAQ about it can be found here: BetterRelocation


We will be using Project Ozone 2 Reloaded verison 2.3.0

The modpack can be found on the Twitch Launcher

All SVIP's can request their rank and perks using /ticket

Loryx2405 I live in Italy and i play on po2 hosted in America, con you copy and paste my island in the EU server?
Twixi9 IGN: Twixi9 i cant find where to do the revieuws
Yorge Hello, any options for EU Project Ozone 2 Admin Shop? Cant get feather to transfer from NA servers. Ty
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