Vanilla 1.11.2 Is Now Open

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Sun at 15:10

Our new Vanilla 1.11.2 are now open!

North America:

All SVIP's can request their rank and perks using /ticket

1dendekkk vip Will Devco open a foolcraft server?
Fujisan_Senpai Any chance we can get the silk touch spawner plug-in like on 1.8.8 please :)
Keithman203 Love it!

FTB Beyond Is now Open

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Mar 7, 17

Our new Beyond servers are now open!

North America:


We are currently using Beyond verison 1.0.1

The modpack can be found on the FTB Launcher

This pack reintroduces a lot of old favorite mods like Thermal Expansion, and as such, we have no idea how they will respond. Please make sure to report any bugs via /ticket. 

All SVIP's can request their rank and perks using /ticket

Kits are not yet available on this server but should be available within the week. 

Menphis88 Partnervipvipsvip Any idea when chunkloading will be possible?
shadowdragon409 so why doesnt this modpack have a place in the modpack versions list or a link in the 1.10 info?
devryb OP Kits are there etc

ModKits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And Economy)

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Feb 16, 17

We have finally released 12 Modkits for the 1.10 servers. These are available in the reward store under a new catergory: 1.10.

We have also started looking into Economy plugins for Sponge, as well as things you all can use said economy on. We will be testing some Player Shop plugins, as well porting a few more plugins we use on our 1.7 servers that use Economy. 

lorrothmos vip Any ETA? Will they economy plugins be live tested of privately tested?
JavaDude is their gonna be SF3 kits
Freelancin Adminvip WHOA THERE... That's way too much punctuation!

DeVco Minigames - Suggestions

MistaOmega Adminvipvip posted Feb 11, 17

We at DeVco have been looking into getting a new Minigames server up and running for a while now, and plans are finally underway.

To help us out we're looking to gauge what you want to see us add so we can bring all of you the best possible experience! This should also help shorten research time hopefully bringing this to you all sooner.

So drop a suggestion or two in the comments here and we'll try to add it in! 

The version is 1.8.8 so try to give us suggestions for plugins that will work with that version.

Thanks a bunch,


- - Administrator

OZJAMD321 vip What about treasure hunts? Spawn people in the middle of a map and give one of the co-ordinates in chat and they have ...
RMcNasty Tnt wars, you have 2 islands and a wall in the middle you have to break through the wall to kill the other player/player...
JavaDude how about paintball

If you would like a little more challenge in your day playing Minecraft and enjoy helping people out with their issues and questions; The DeVco Team are looking for Staff Help. We have around 8 open Helper positions available.

If interested, please fill out the Application form here: 

We ask that you please do NOT apply if you are under the age of 16. (We will find out). Reason for this is the expected maturity level to handle customer support and some things that are discussed in general staff meetings.

Look forward to reviewing your applications!



Senior Administrator

QuantumBlink vip I'd do it but I'm 14 unfortunately
Josh If only I wasnt a day/night shift nurse
FunctionMaster vipvip Are there any incentives?
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