We are searching for players that are interested in Helping other players enjoy their time at DeVco. If you are one of those players that feel comfortable with the various mods and enjoy helping others understand how they work or understand how DeVco works, We are interested in you!

We are currently hiring Helpers. If you pass your application you can expect a few server perks, working with a great team of staff, and have a cool tag :) 

Just so you fully understand our expectations for Staff:

1. In-Game at least 8 hours per week

2. Handle 7 to 10 tickets per week

3. Talk to the players in General Chat

4. Be willing to learn more about servers and how they run.

5. Be at least 16 years old (we expect a maturity level that understands a work environment)

6. Be comfortable talking to players and their issues.

7. Have played on DeVco at least 16 hours.

If you meet those requirements and are interested in joining the DeVco Staff Team, please follow the link:

Look Forward to seeing you,


Senior Administrator

Himitsu_No_Yami o I've posted an application.
Litleck Im 14, but i'm much more mature than that, could I still be a staff member for some kind of proof?
gh05tm4ch1n3 Helper ive posted my app

DeVco Needs A Theme Song!

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted Oct 9, 17

Greetings everyone! DeVco is looking for a "short clip" of ROYALTY FREE music to use as a short theme song.

Our "style" is mostly electronic/indie and we're looking for something in the range of 3-30 seconds long. Feel free to be creative and give us the clip that you feel most represents DeVco. It can be something of your own composition, but we suggest one of the many royalty free music websites out there. Twitch runs a great one at that includes a broad range of songs from many genres, all for free! A google search for "free royalty free music" turns up quite a few results with different selections to choose from.

You can submit your music clips in the comments below. Just paste the link and tell us what part of the song you think should be used. 

The selected entry will win a VIP-Iron on the server of their choice.

Spirit_of_Chaos o Also, What is the timeframe for this?
Spirit_of_Chaos o My Heart by Different Heaven & EH!DE : Start at around 0:22 and ...
gh05tm4ch1n3 Helper think you should go with deaf kev- invincible

Well folks, firstly, an apology for this taking so long and a thank you for waiting.

But you will be pleased to know the wait is finally over, so without further ado here are the winners for the summer build competition.

The Winner taking the top prize, but only just, is MaxWayne72 who astounded us with the attention to detail, effort, and time put into a summer theme park with a twist. Well done.


In a close second place we have Furbzz and Darklily04 with their take on Devco’s private island, again inspiring us with their attention to detail and superb building skills.

Furbzz and Darklily04

Coming in at a very close third place is witch1139. This amazing build, which I can only name Giants Kitchen makes you feel incredibly small just standing in it.

Fourth place goes to BrokenNail, with their beach front hotel.

Finally in 5th place we have SomeRandomCat, with Pixel Beach.

To claim your vip prize make a webticket with your name and desired server.

For our other winners, points will be added to your account within the next few days.

Finally if any of our winners want to request a schematic of their build please make a webticket and one of our staff members will arrange that for you.

The server has now been reopened so you can view the builds.

MaxWayne72 vipvipvip Thank you so much for having this contest! <3 I really appreciate it. :)
DarkLily04 wow.. Thank-you !! I did not think we would win, I had fun building it, there were so many great builds CONGRATS to AL...
OZJAMD321 vipvip Cool, thanks bestnewb

Update: Due to Mechanic Breaking bugs (That worked in testing) this will be delayed for a week. 

Our new Farming Valley server is opening soon!

North America:

We will be using Farming Valley verison 0.8.0

The modpack can be found on the Twitch Launcher

This pack is a mashup of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. It has very unique mechanics, as well as we are opening it with a unique world gen. 

In this pack, we make use of our Skyblock plugin, so to start, do /iscreate. 

All SVIP's can request their rank and perks using /ticket

Side note: Due to extreme lack of players, RRM has been closed. 

Drenobor Adminvipvip Axle fixed some problems but has found others that he's investigating. No new launch date yet. Thank you for your p...
LisaRagamuffin vipvip OH NO! I just read that you are using the Skyblock plugin, does that mean we need to start up in the air? I started pl...
LisaRagamuffin vipvip I'm really looking forward to playing this, ready for a new pack to explore. Any idea when server will be open?

Top Voting Rewards

axle2005 Senior-Adminvip posted Aug 27, 17

You all may have noticed some minor changes to the home page, including the addition of a 'Top Voters' Module.
As well as we made an addition to the hub: 

This is because, starting next month (September), we will be giving prizes to the top 3 voters each month. 

First Prize: A VIP Emerald rank for 1 server (This lasts the month)
Second Prize: Access to Always On Chunkloaders (With 27 chunks) for 1 server (This lasts the month)
Third Prize: 500 points

OZJAMD321 vipvip Dear DevCo With regards to the prizes are we able to swap the prize for some points please? Kind Regards John
OZJAMD321 vipvip Ooh new month started for voting... I missed seeing the final top 3 places.... How did it finish?
OZJAMD321 vipvip What about the option of choice? 1st Place (Whatever prize) or 1500 points? 2nd Place (Whatever prize) or 1000 points? 3...
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