Thank You ALL For Your Years of Support

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted Sun at 6:43

Axle2005, BeavisBuilder, KaiNoMood, and I would like to thank all of the players and staff throughout the years here at DeVco for their wonderful support in selecting DeVco as a place for their MineCraft entertainment.

We have had one of the largest MineCraft servers for sometime and did our best in keeping them well staffed with volunteers that went that extra mile to help all of you get more enjoyment out of your gaming experience. We would like to thank our Staff members both current and past that contributed so many hours of their time to enrich your gaming experience and helping us keep things working as smoothly as possible.

All of us have gone through a lot in the past 4 years and played many packs together, like these that I can remember: Attack-of-the-B-Team, AgarianSkies, CrundeeCraft, BeavosTechPack, DeVcoPack, BeyondReality, Revenge-of-the-C-team,ResonantRise, ResonantRise4, HermetCraftModSauce2, Revolution2, DNSTechPack, SkyFactory, SkyFactory2, SkyFactory2.5, SkyFactory3, Banished, DW20 (1.6, 1,7, 1.10), Beyond, Departed, Horizons2, Infinity 1.6, Infinity 1.7, Infinity Expert, Infinity Skyblock, Inventions, CrackPack, Resurrection, Revelation, Trident, TPPI, TPPI2, Regrowth, Obscurity, SpaceAstronomy, TheDarkTrilogy, MONSTER, Ultimate, Unleashed, Tekkit-Legends, and of course Vanilla. Nice list and fond memories :)

We have been working hard with the ToastyNetworks team to make a smooth transition of most of our servers and our staff into their network. They are like-minded and a great group to work with. You the player, will find it a smooth transition working with many of the same people but also some new faces in game and on staff. I am posting some helpful links to get those that haven't already moved started. This will be the last post here on the DeVco Web page. It will soon be re-directed to the ToastyNetworks main page.

Fo me personally, this is a sad step but also an exciting one as the Owner of Toasty is excited to see new things and move forward (yes, some new packs are on the way ;) ) I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Main Page


Linking Your Account

Toasty Launcher


Good Luck to all of you on your future endeavors and hope to see you at Toasty!


Community manager / Administrator


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NA Servers are now up and reaady to play

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted May 18, 18

The NA servers are up and running. You may join them using the old IP's or the new Toasty IP's. I would suggest using the Toasty launcher as it will keep things up-to-date for you.

A few minor issues may be around, please report them via /ticket.

We are still working onthe economy side on the transfer of points to tokens.

As always, any questions just ask,

- Prizzianna

edit - Make that 1.7 Servers running, still working on 1.10, then 1.12

Voidfulqt vipvip Already miss Devco ... I just can't play on their servers. Too many restrictions ( yes more banned items ) , on REV...
Fujisan_Senpai vip The vanilla 1.8 address is instead of as listed in an older post
MR_prostos When can i transfer my items from the eu beyond server?

Extended Downtime in Merge

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted May 17, 18

Due to some unforeseen circumstances in making the servers cross-over (Databases, Java, etc. all talking to each other) there will be a delay in getting the remaining DeVco servers up and running today (Kai already spent the last 14 hours working on them). They should be available sometime tomorrow and I'll keep you posted.

Until then, all of your hours and ranks have been moved to the ToastyNetwork and you may play on any of their current servers.

Sorry for this delay, but it was an aggessive move for 15+ servers.

- Prizzianna

OZJAMD321 vipvip Do we have to register with Toasty or do we log on there with the login details that we used on here?
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Merger Update

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted May 17, 18

The DeVco Servers that will be merged into Toasty are now back up and ready for you to pack up and Transfer your items using better Relocation. If you have not used it before, here's the few simple steps to get your items to the new toasty servers:

1. Go to the Toasty Server and find a new location for your base and Claim it and /sethome.

2. Go to the DeVco Server and start packing your items into chests. Be SURE not to pack more than 4 to 5 large ME drives in a single chest and do not pack bags within bags (you may lose your items if you overfill them).

3. Once your chests are filled, use a feather in hand, shift/right click at the chest and it will disappear. I would not do more than 8 at a time.

4. Go back to the Toasty server to your new home.

5. With a feather in hand, right click on the ground where you want a chest to appear. Skip a block for each chest as they can not be connected.

You will have 7 days (May 24th) to make your move before the Servers close.

Servers Ready for Transfer

Tekkit Legends


SkyFactory 3 NA

- Prizzianna

PolyRocs vipvipvip I've been able to move almost all my stuff in Beyond. There are 5 things I'm having issues with for some reas...
mdouglas vip Folks should be aware that alchemical bags do NOT carry over their contents. Also, transmutation tablets will be reset....
B0nd0 vipvip Better relocation does not seem to be working on Beyond. It is not storing chests.

MAJOR Announcement!

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted May 17, 18

Effective Immediately, All DeVco Servers will be down for no more than 8 hours (probably less).

Kai has completed his preparations and is now in the process of moving them onto Linux servers and porting them to Toasty. For details check the Post below on the merger.

This list shows the Final ranks for VIP's and the new server names/IP's. For the Merged Servers listed, use the DeVco address where your builds will be and use Better Relocation (click chests with feather) and use the new Toasty address once you find a spot to build. **DO NOT OVERLOAD Chests with bags or ME drives ..(no more than 4 large drives per chest) as we may not be able to recover your items if you do.

Final Rank Conversion Table

DeVco Rank

Toasty Rank













Server Transfer Table


DeVco IP

Toasty IP

Agarian Skies 2/1.1.14       


Infinity NA/3.0.2

Infiinity EU/3.0.2

Infinity Expert/3.0.2 

Infinity Skyblock NA/2.0.1

Infinity Skyblock EU/2.0.1         

Project Ozone2 NA/2.4.0

Project Ozone2 EU/2.4.0



SkyFactory 3 EU/3.0.15

Space Astronomy/1.7.5

Vanilla /1.8.8

SkyFactory 3 NA/3.0.15 (Merged)

Beyond  EU/1.11.0  (Merged)

Beyond  NA/1.11.0 (Merged) 

Tekkit Legends / 1.1.1 (Merged)

Server that will be Closing (World Map information to follow later):

DireWolf20 1.7.10

DIreWolf20 1.10.2



ResonantRise 4

SkyFactory 2

I will notify everyone via Twitter when servers are up and Update this post. Any questions after they are back up, please post below.

Thank You for your patience during this final phase of the DeVco/Toasty merge,


Community Manager / Administrator


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