1. Do not post any content containing or referring to:
  • Death, Mutilation, Obscene, and or Sexual,
  • Racist, Offensive, Harrassing, or Bullying,
  • Disruptive in nature, Flaming,
  • Advertising/Recruiting,
  • Spam,
  • Impersonation of Staff or Owner,
  • Illegal Content and or Copyrighted materials

2. If you are in a private channel and are asked to leave by the channel owner do so.

3. Do not harass any other team speak user.

4. Do not curse in channels that aren't specified as 18+.

5. If you have continuous voice transmission we will put you on force push-to-talk.

Keep in mind TS is not a right. It is an added bonus that has been made available to you by DeVco. If we find you abusing TS privileges we will ban you from TS.

For instructions on how you can create a channel as a VIP or Donator, read the description of the VIP lounge.