Every server has a mall at /warp shops or /spawn (depending on the server). There are various shop sizes available for purchase. You can also make shops in cities with certain requirements. Newer servers have a city named DeVco at spawn that you can join and get a plot for free. For more info about shops in cities, click here.

Rules for all shops:
1. The item prices must be at least 1/2 the prices of the admin shop. Staff can set higher prices. In this case the shop plugin will not let you sell the items for a lower price.

Rules for the server mall (do not apply for player-made cities):
1. Up to four shop plots may be owned per player (1 on DeVco city). You can, however, ask staff to add other players to have permissions within your shop plot.
2. You may decorate your shop as you see fit. As long as nothing is generating particles or other FPS killers.
3. Once you purchase a shop you have 1 week to stock that shop. Any shops that are not stocked within one week of purchase will be removed. No refunds will be given and the shop will be put back on the market. On cities shop, you will lose your plot if you do not join the server for more than 30 days.
4. You must keep your shop stocked. If your shop is out of stock it will be removed. No refunds will be given and the shop will be put back on the market. (Having only 1 or 2 items for sale does not count as a stocked shop. At minimum 5 is required.)
5. You cannot use Computer Craft monitors in the shops. AE2 storage monitors are also not allowed. Nuclear Control monitors are allowed.
6. Any shops found to be lagging (either in TPS or FPS) will be asked to correct the issue. If not corrected staff will destroy the offending items and no refunds will be given.
7. The ONLY machine use allowed in the shop region is an AE system for autostocking capabilities. If any other machines are found they will be removed with no refunds.

Buying Shops:

There are signs posted outside each shop that states the price. To purchase a shop right click the sign with the price on it. Once a shop is purchased no refunds will be given.

You can find more information in our FAQ.

Enjoy the new shops! And try to play fair with others. If you have any additional questions get with staff in-game.