There have been some rumors passing around and I would like to address them here to keep the DeVco Players up-to-date on current events.  The beginning of this month the owner of DeVco (Devryb) announced to the DeVco staff of the sale of DeVco to ToastyNetworks.

Since that time the OPS Team (Axle2005, BeavisBuilder and I) have been working directly with the ToastyNetworks OPS Team; Owner Rubbertjuh , and his operational staff. We have very similar systems and the way we operate are the same with a few minor bumps in the road. We are trying our best to make the transition as fluid as possible so it will not disturb your game play. DeVco has many things to offer that Toasty will pick up and vice-versa.  We are still working out details on Points, in-Game currency, and perks (such as VIP Ranks). We will strive that these issues will not be a severe impact on anyone. ToastyNetworks are excited about this merger as the DeVco Community (that means all of you) are awesome with great player orientation and maturity that will help solidify and improve their community as well.

The timeline for a complete merger is still being worked out but should wrap up no later than the end of May.

What Does This Mean For You?

ToastyNetworks currently operate some of the same servers as we do: Revelation, Beyond, Infinity, SF3, and Tekkit. They also run DW20 -1.12 which was on our next server list. Devco adds to their base servers with packs that are new to them.

How does this change impact you? For the immediate future, there will be NO changes in address, play or staff. At a later date the only difference will be a network address change e.g. Once we merge the two systems, your rank, points, and currency will be converted to the combined system. Everything else will still be there.

Many of DeVco plugins will be the same as Kai has also supported Toasty so this will make us feel right at home.  ALL of the DeVco Staff team will be moving as well. Our rank names will be new, but they will be functioning with the same roles. The Toasty team are a great bunch of folks to be in game with and work with. Their staff strives to meet the same goals for players as we do, so this should be a very smooth transition.

Having a new home at ToastyNetworks is a very positive thing for all of us at DeVco when you consider alternatives other servers have done and just shut their doors. Much appreciation for Devryb and Rubbertjuh for finding this solution to keep us alive and well along with all the hard work you have placed into your builds.

Feel free to check them out:  If you use their Toasty launcher, it will automatically update your version to the current version along with all the perks found here:



After working with the ToastyNetwork Team over the last month and many hours, I believe this to be a great fit and advantage for the Players and Staff at DeVco.  The bottom line is having FUN, and I believe once the transition is completed you all will enjoy the changes. If you have any specific questions, please post in the Merger Q & A located in the DeVco Forums here or more details on the Toasty Forum here:

For the Subscriber VIP’s you may have received a cancellation letter. This was to change the direction of the payments from Devryb’s account to the Toasty account. Your perks remain intact and all you need to do is re-subscribe.

Faithfully Yours,


Senior Administrator

DeVco Servers

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