By Prizzianna Senior-Admin - Posted Apr 12, 18

I would like to give all of you a current update on the Toasty/DeVco merger based on our many hours in discussion so you can all be well informed as to what is going on. The main topics for finalization were Point/Token conversion ratio, Merger Timeline, DeVcoCity shops, Staff Integration, Kits, Plugin's, and Servers that will move/merge/close.


We have worked out the details for the DeVco Points to Toasty Token conversion and a Donator Rank translation table. The details will be revealed during the final week of the merge to prevent exploitation (DeVco is getting a good deal on this :) )

Timeline for Merger:

A lot of work is being placed on Kai to finish up many things for the merge to happen. Among these are global chat and system-wide tokens before we merge. Our estimate will be no later than the End of May.

DeVcoCity and Shops:

For the servers moving that already have a DeVcoCity, it will remain as it is. Toasty likes the idea of shops and are looking into creating them for all servers (well, they will probably change the city name). So no need to close down shop.

Staff Integration:

As of today, the Admin level staff will be integrating with the Toasty staff. They will be learning the way Toasty handles their issues and reports. They will still be full-time DeVco Admins but will be spending their extra time learning the ropes to better handle your questions and issues after the move.


Since toasty did not have regular kits like we do, we've been working on modifications to match up with their kits. The Admins have been preparing our servers with the Toasty kits for a faster transition.


As noted above, Kai has been working madly converting facets of Toasty to blend with some of our better ideas like gobal Chat and a server-wide Token system that would match up to our point system. That being said, all of the other plugin's you will be very familiar with as we have the same ones.


This is the final list on which DeVco servers will be moving (no changes for players except address change), merging (will need to use BetterRelocation), and Closing. A lot of thought went into these decisions based on current level of play and the future of 1.12 servers coming out, and the expense of operating servers.
    Servers Moving (Address change or use the ToastyNetworks Launcher):
        Agarian Skies 2
        Infinity NA
        Infinity EU
        Infinity Expert
        Infinity Skyblock NA
        Infinity Skyblock EU
        Project Ozone 2 NA
        Project Ozone 2 EU
        SkyFactory 3 EU
        Space Astronomy
    Servers Merging (you will be able to pack your items and move using BetterRelocation):
        SkyFactory 3 NA

        Tekkit Legends
    Servers Closing (this will happen on the final week):
        Direwolf20 1.7.10
        Direwolf20 1.10.2
        Resonant Rise 4
        SkyFactory 2
Toasty will be adding an additional DW20 1.12 server on the EU side and working on more 1.12 servers to bring in. I will update you early next month as to where we are in making the transition.

Thank You for your Patience during this transition,


Senior Administrator

DeVco Servers

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